In the Dark of Night

Ember Blue a posted Mar 17, 17

In the dark corners of taverns, whispers travel from ear to ear of a criminal organization so secret, so elite, that it must only be a myth.  Those searching for answers come up empty handed as those providing answers are said to suddenly... disappear.

But for those few groups and individuals who are worthy, a missive from a hidden courier seems to find its way into their laps.  The letter is an invitation to a secret society, coordinated by a prominent criminal organization that has the political power of nobility behind their hand.  A symbol of a goblet would appear at the bottom of the note, directly next to the Leader of The Communion's signature - Rhea Rousseau at-Rabiah.

Just remember - when choosing to fully trust The Communion, without any doubt you will get one of two results:

A family for life.


A lesson in death...

Only the elite survive.